Why LuxyVIP


We are a little obsessed when it comes to time. We only promise what we can deliver on. We strive to provide a high-quality service that meets your expectations. We know you have options, but we want to be your choice when it comes to package forwarding. We want to be worthy of your trust, and the company you depend on.


As a team, we’ve always shared our learning and overtime this has developed itself into a more defined goal and principle as part of our core values. Transparency came very natural. It helped us us get more feedback from our customers, and we acted on that feedback. We have shown we are dependable and will keep customers informed of important issues the moment we know about them. Our vision is to be open, and we believe that transparency breeds trust. And trust is the foundation of a great company.


A guiding principle that has served as a continuous source of strength within LuxyVIP. It makes our values mean something. We will act honorably to fulfill our duties to our customers. We work hard to earn their trust, and even harder to keep it. Trust is the foundation of our great company. We want to earn your trust just like we have with so many other customers.

Core Values

Our core values, mission, vision, and goals all tie in to each other. We understand how each of these values come together. We listen to our customers and always try and engage and ask how can we do better?. These are our guiding principles that help us define how LuxyVIP serves its customers and employees. We also have a mission towards our communities that we live in and serve. Our commitment is to build strong and sustainable communities.


We work collaboratively with employees, partners, suppliers and LuxyVIP customers to solve problems and achieve our goal of a great Customer experience. In our commitment we are dedicated to the success of this business. We set the standards and raise them a little higher everyday. We love what we do, and as a team our reward is always your return business.